Relocation of a Retired Couple in Valencia

Case Study:

Relocation of a Retired Couple in Valencia


Mr. and Mrs. Smith (pseudonyms) were a retired couple in their late 60s who had lived in the United States for their entire lives. They had always dreamed of retiring in a warm and sunny place, and after many years of saving and planning, they decided to make their dream a reality by relocating to Valencia, Spain.


The Smiths faced several challenges in their relocation process. One of the biggest challenges was finding a suitable place to live. They wanted to find a place that was in a safe and quiet neighborhood, with easy access to public transportation and amenities such as supermarkets and medical facilities. Additionally, they wanted to find a place that was large enough to accommodate their needs but also affordable.

Another challenge was navigating the Spanish bureaucracy. The Smiths had to deal with various government agencies and paperwork, such as obtaining residency permits, Non Lucrative Visa and setting up utilities in their new home. They also had to learn about the Spanish healthcare system and find appropriate healthcare providers.


To find their dream home, The Smiths worked with Laura from Livin’Valencia Real Estate Advisors. She helped them find a spacious and affordable apartment in a quiet neighborhood with easy access to public transportation and amenities. She also helped them with the paperwork and legal processes involved in buying the apartment. She provided them with information on the Spanish healthcare system and helped them find appropriate healthcare providers.

To navigate the Spanish bureaucracy, The Smiths hired one of our trusted lawyer who assisted them with obtaining their Non Lucrative Visa, residency permits and setting up utilities. 


The Smiths relocated to Valencia and are now happily settled in their new home. They have made new friends and have become involved in local activities and community groups. They are also enjoying the warm and sunny weather and the relaxed lifestyle of Valencia. They have no regrets on their decision of relocating in Valencia, and they are happy with the assistance they received from the local real estate agent and lawyer who helped them with the process.


The relocation of The Smiths to Valencia demonstrates that with the right planning and assistance, it is possible for retirees to relocate to a new country and make a new life for themselves. The use of a local Real Estate Advisor and lawyer were crucial in making the process as smooth as possible and helped the Smiths overcome the challenges they faced.