Relocation of a Family of 4 in Valencia

Case Study:

Successful Relocation of a Family of 4 in Valencia



A family of four, consisting of a couple and their two children, contacted our real estate advisory agency seeking assistance in relocating to Valencia. The family, who were originally from Germany, had lived in several countries but had never been to Spain before. They were looking for a spacious and modern home in a safe and family-friendly neighborhood that was also close to good schools and amenities.



The biggest challenge we faced in this case was the family’s lack of familiarity with the Spanish real estate market. They had very specific requirements for their new home and were not familiar with the different neighborhoods and their unique characteristics. Additionally, the family had a tight deadline for their move and were relying on our agency to find them the perfect home within a limited timeframe.



To overcome these challenges, we began by providing the family with a detailed overview of the Spanish real estate market and the different neighborhoods in Valencia. We also gave them a checklist of things to consider when looking for a new home, such as proximity to schools, amenities, and transportation.

We then organized a trip to Valencia for the family, during which we showed them a variety of properties that matched their criteria. After several days of viewing properties, the family fell in love with a spacious and modern home in the family-friendly neighborhood of Ruzafa. The home was located close to good schools, parks, and amenities, and the family was able to move in within their desired timeframe.



The family was extremely satisfied with the home we found for them and were able to successfully relocate to Valencia without any major issues. They were happy with the location, neighborhood and the home itself. They praised our agency for our knowledge of the Spanish real estate market and for our ability to find them the perfect home within their desired timeframe.

This case study demonstrates the ability of our advisors to provide a high level of service and successfully guide clients through the process of relocating to a new country. Thanks to our extensive knowledge of the Valencian real estate market, we were able to find a home that met the family’s specific requirements and made their transition to Valencia a smooth and successful one.