Acquisition and Refurbishment of a Studio Near the Beach in Valencia

Case Study:

Acquisition and Refurbishment of a Studio Near the Beach in Valencia



Our client, a young couple, was looking to invest in a vacation rental property near the beach in Valencia, Spain. They approached us for guidance on finding the right property and renovating it to maximize its rental potential.


Our Approach

Our team of experts began by researching properties in the desired location and identifying potential investment opportunities. After conducting a thorough analysis of the market, we identified a studio located just steps from the beach that had the potential for significant rental income.

We then provided guidance to the couple on the purchase of the property and recommended a comprehensive refurbishment of the studio, including a complete remodel of the kitchen and bathroom, new flooring and paint, and an update of the electrical and plumbing systems.



Our team worked closely with the couple to ensure that the renovation was completed within their budget and timeframe. We also provided guidance on the selection of materials and finishes to ensure that the property would appeal to vacation renters.

The renovation was completed in just six months, and the final result was a modern and stylish studio that was in high demand on the vacation rental market.



The refurbishment of the studio resulted in a significant increase in its rental income. The couple was able to increase the rental rate by 40% compared to the previous owner, thanks to the successful renovation and our advice.

The vacation renters were thrilled with the updated and modernized studio and were happy to pay the higher rental rate. The couple was pleased with the outcome and was grateful for our guidance and expertise in the renovation process.



We were able to guide the couple through the process of buying and renovating a vacation rental property in Valencia. Our team’s expertise in the current market trends, renovation techniques, and material selection helped to ensure the success of the project. The couple was able to increase their rental income and achieve their goal of maximizing the return on their investment in the property.