How a Family Purchased Two Apartments in Valencia to Obtain a Golden Visa



A Canadian family of four, consisting of a married couple and their two children, decided to purchase two apartments in Valencia, as part of their plan to obtain a Golden Visa. They approached us to assist them in the process. We recommended that they also use one of our trusted lawyers to handle the Golden Visa application paperwork. This case study details the process and outcome of their application.

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The Golden Visa program in Spain offers residency to non-EU citizens who invest at least €500,000 in real estate in the country. The program provides several benefits, including the ability to live and work in Spain, access to free public education, and the ability to travel within the Schengen Area without a visa. The family was attracted to this program as they had always dreamed of living in Spain and saw this as a way to achieve that goal.



The family was introduced to Livin’Valencia Real Estate Advisors by a client who had also used our services. After an initial consultation, to understand their requirements, preferences, and budget we curated a selection of properties that aligned with their criteria, considering factors such as location, amenities, and investment potential. We suggested two properties that would meet the Golden Visa requirements and were within the family’s budget. The family chose to purchase one apartment in the city center and one in a nearby coastal town.

We provided assistance throughout the purchase process, including property viewings, negotiating with the sellers, and handling the paperwork. We recommended them using our trusted lawyers to handle the Golden Visa application as it requires specialized knowledge of Spanish immigration law. The lawyers prepared the necessary documentation, including the purchase agreement, proof of investment, and background checks.

Once the family had completed the property purchase, our lawyers submitted the Golden Visa application on their behalf. The application included proof of the property investment, medical insurance, and financial means to support themselves while living in Spain. Our lawyers kept the family informed throughout the process and answered any questions they had.


The family’s Golden Visa application was approved, and they were granted residency in Spain. They were thrilled with the outcome and immediately began making plans to move to Valencia. The family is now living in one of their apartments and has settled into their new life in Valencia and rent the other one. They have enrolled their children in local schools, found employment, and are enjoying the Spanish lifestyle.



The family’s experience demonstrates the benefits of working with experienced professionals when purchasing property and applying for a Golden Visa in Spain. We provided expert advice and guidance throughout the process, while our trusted lawyer ensured that the Golden Visa application was prepared and submitted correctly. The family’s successful application has allowed them to achieve their will of living in Spain and has opened up new opportunities for them and their children