Golf Course Residences in Bétera for Retirement Investment

Investment Objective:

Mr. and Mrs. Johnson, a couple approaching retirement, aim to diversify their investment portfolio with a focus on lifestyle-oriented real estate. They have a particular interest in acquiring a modern villa with a swimming pool near a golf course in Bétera, Valencia.


Property Selection:

We identified a promising modern villa in a prestigious golf course community in Bétera. The property boasts contemporary architecture, spacious living areas, and a private swimming pool, aligning with the Johnsons’ desire for a comfortable and leisure-focused retirement.


Location Benefits:

Bétera’s proximity to Valencia ensures easy access to the city’s amenities while providing a serene environment away from the urban hustle. The golf course community adds an extra layer of exclusivity and recreational opportunities, catering to the couple’s lifestyle preferences.


Investment Rationale:

  1. Lifestyle Appeal: The modern villa with a swimming pool aligns with the Johnsons’ vision of a relaxed retirement lifestyle, offering a blend of luxury and leisure.

  2. Rental Potential: The property has strong rental potential, attracting golf enthusiasts and individuals seeking a tranquil retreat. We anticipate a steady stream of income through short/mid-term rentals, especially during golf tournaments and vacation seasons.

  3. Appreciation: The property’s location in a desirable golf course community positions it for potential appreciation over the years. Bétera’s growing popularity among retirees and lifestyle-focused investors further supports the long-term value of the investment.


Golden Visa Consideration:

We highlight the potential eligibility for a Golden Visa as an additional benefit. By meeting the investment requirements, the Johnsons could secure residency in Spain, facilitating their retirement plans and providing access to European travel.

Benefits of Golden Visa:

  1. Residency Status: The Golden Visa allows the Johnsons couple to reside in Spain, providing a gateway to European living.
  2. Travel Freedom: Visa-free travel within the Schengen Area facilitates easy exploration of neighboring countries.
  3. Family Inclusion: The program extends to family members, ensuring a comprehensive solution for the Johnsons family’s future.


Financial Structuring:

We assist the Johnsons in structuring the financial aspects of the investment, considering mortgage options, tax implications, and potential rental income. This comprehensive approach ensures that the investment aligns with the couple’s financial goals and risk tolerance.



The acquisition of a modern villa with a swimming pool in Bétera’s golf course community not only meets the Johnsons’ lifestyle aspirations but also presents a sound investment opportunity. Our expertise in property selection, Golden Visa considerations, and financial structuring contribute to a well-rounded retirement plan for the couple.