A Winter Residence and Summer Rental Investment in Valencia

Case Study:

Maximizing ROI (Return On Investment): A Winter Residence and Summer Rental Investment in Valencia



We were approached by a couple from Luxembourg, Mr. and Mrs. Müller, who were seeking guidance on purchasing an apartment in Valencia. Their objective was to secure a winter residence to escape the harsh European winters while simultaneously leveraging it as a summer rental property to generate a return on investment (ROI). This case study explores how we successfully assisted the Müllers in achieving their goals.



Mr. and Mrs. Müller, a retired couple in their early 60s, resided in Luxembourg. Due to the increasing costs of electricity and gas in their home country, they sought an alternative solution that would provide them with a more affordable winter residence while helping them generate additional income in the summer.


Identifying Objectives

We conducted an in-depth consultation with the Müllers to understand their requirements and investment objectives. The key objectives were:

  • Acquiring a suitable apartment in Valencia for personal use during the winter months.
  • Generating rental income by leasing out the apartment during the summer season.
  • Ensuring a positive return on investment, considering both the property’s purchase price and ongoing maintenance expenses.
  • Maximizing energy efficiency to reduce utility costs and contribute to a sustainable environment.


Property Search and Market Analysis

Our team conducted an extensive property search in Valencia, focusing on apartments that aligned with the clients’ requirements. Key factors taken into account were proximity to amenities, accessibility to transportation, energy efficiency features, and potential rental demand.


Financial Assessment

To assist the Müllers in making an informed investment decision, we provided detailed financial projections. This included estimates of the purchase price, closing costs, potential rental income, projected expenses (including property management fees, utilities, and maintenance), and a comprehensive return on investment analysis.


Property Selection

After evaluating multiple properties, the Müllers selected a spacious and energy-efficient apartment in a sought-after neighborhood of Valencia. The chosen property featured modern amenities, and convenient access to public transportation. It was also close to popular tourist attractions, increasing its rental potential.


Renovation and Energy Optimization

We coordinated the necessary renovations and energy optimization measures in collaboration with trusted contractors. Upgrades included improving insulation, installing energy-efficient appliances, and implementing smart home technologies for optimal energy management. These enhancements not only reduced utility costs but also increased the property’s appeal to potential renters.


Rental Management and Marketing

To maximize the Müllers’ rental income, we put them in contact with one of our trusted rental management agencies. They took care of property listing creation, professional photography, marketing on various rental platforms, guest screening, and managing bookings, check-ins, and check-outs. Through proactive marketing strategies, they ensured a high occupancy rate, leading to consistent rental income for the Müllers.


Results and ROI

Thanks to the combined efforts, the Müllers achieved their investment objectives:

  • They enjoyed a comfortable winter residence in Valencia, significantly reducing their utility costs compared to their home country.
  • The apartment generated a steady stream of income during the summer rental season, resulting in a positive ROI.
  • Energy optimization measures led to reduced utility expenses, enhancing the property’s profitability and sustainability.
  • Positive guest reviews and high occupancy rates increased the apartment’s rental demand, further boosting the Müllers’ rental income.



We assisted the Müller couple in acquiring an apartment in Valencia that met their winter residence needs while generating a consistent rental income during the summer. By leveraging energy optimization strategies and effective rental management, we ensured that the Müllers achieved their desired return on investment.

Our collaboration with the Müllers highlights the importance of a comprehensive approach when investing in a property for both personal use and rental purposes. By carefully selecting a property with desirable features, conducting financial assessments, implementing energy-efficient upgrades, and managing rentals professionally, We enabled the Müllers to enjoy the benefits of their investment while maximizing their ROI.

In an era of rising energy costs and growing demand for sustainable living, the Müllers’ investment in a winter residence and summer rental property in Valencia not only provided them with financial benefits but also contributed to their long-term energy savings and a greener future.

We continue to assist clients in making informed investment decisions, identifying lucrative opportunities, and optimizing their properties for maximum returns. Whether you’re looking for a winter residence, a rental property, or both, We are committed to guiding you every step of the way to achieve your goals.