A profitable Buy-to-Rent investment in Valencia City Center

Case Study:

Swedish Couple Seeking Investment Property in Valencia



A Swedish couple, John and Jane (pseudonyms), reached out to our real estate advisory company seeking assistance with investing part of their savings in an apartment in Valencia. They were interested in purchasing a property, renting it out, and receiving a return on their investment. However, they faced several challenges, including lack of time and lack of experience with real estate purchases.



John and Jane were a couple in their early thirties who had been living and working in their home country for several years. They had been saving up for a while and had decided to invest a portion of their savings in a property. They were particularly interested in Valencia as they had visited the city before and had fallen in love with its culture and lifestyle.



  • Lack of time: John and Jane were both working full-time and had limited time to dedicate to the property search and purchase process.
  • Lack of experience: They had never purchased a property before and were not familiar with the process, legal requirements, and potential pitfalls.
  • Limited knowledge of the local market: They were not familiar with the Valencia real estate market and needed guidance on which areas to focus on and what type of property to purchase.
  • Language barrier: They were not fluent in Spanish and needed assistance with communication and understanding legal documents.



Our real estate advisory company took a comprehensive approach to assist John and Jane with their property purchase. We:

  • Provided a detailed market analysis of Valencia’s real estate market to help them understand the local market conditions, property prices, and rental yields.
  • Assisted them in identifying suitable areas and properties that met their investment criteria.
  • Coordinated and accompanied them on property viewings.
  • Provided guidance and assistance with legal requirements and paperwork.
  • Translated and explained legal documents to ensure that they fully understood the terms of the purchase.



With our assistance, John and Jane were able to purchase a two-bedroom apartment in a central area of Valencia. The property was in good condition and was ideal for renting out to tourists. They were able to rent out the property and generate a profitable return on their investment. They were also able to do this while continuing to work and did not have to devote much time to the process.

They were pleased with the outcome and were grateful for our guidance and support throughout the process.


John and Jane’s case highlights the importance of seeking professional assistance when investing in real estate, particularly when facing challenges such as lack of time, lack of experience, and limited knowledge of the local market. Our real estate advisory company was able to provide them with the guidance and support they needed to successfully purchase a property in Valencia and achieve a positive return on their investment.